A Positive Difference — Ayurveda

It’s the progressive age of an era where the masses are addicted to technology & temporary artificial hacks leading to an entire generation of insecure & unhealthy people. Even youngsters have become prone to stress-induced accelerated aging, which to be frank, is quite alarming. Improper food & diet has become common phenomena and having a regular sleep cycle seems like a privilege these days.

At Somayur, we feel it’s our responsibility to bring back the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda, which had been effaced with time. We dug deep in, obtaining valuable insights from popular folklore, religious textbooks, and other scriptures of ayurvedic sciences to decipher their hidden knowledge and secrets and make them accessible to all. We believe every soul on the planet has the right to witness the unparalleled healing & replenishing powers of our ancient ayurvedic rituals & practices. Somayur aims to be at the forefront in doing so!



Create a legacy by making use of 100% natural ingredients to craft safe & effective personal care products for people of all skin types.



To bring wellness and happiness to every soul, harnessing the miraculous power of Ayurveda, and set a benchmark in the skincare industry.



Quality with Innovation & Integrity. Customer Satisfaction with Honesty & Responsibility.

Beautiful Then, Now & Forever!

It wasn’t surprising for us to find that our customer base includes the growing ranks of health-conscious people who prefer natural and organic personal care products to those made with artificial, synthetic ingredients. We owe this to the fact that all our formulations & recipes are meticulously developed to produce a one-of-a-kind product range, casting a magnificent long-lasting spell that leaves your body & skin feeling clean, soft, and radiantly healthy.

At Somayur, every product we create resonates with the emotion of love & concern. It warms our hearts to know that our ever-growing family of patrons reciprocates and amplifies the very same emotion, hence pushing us to the summit we are at today. We don’t shy away from flaunting our Somayur family as a group of diverse individuals united by their love for natural and ethical personal care practices.

Pure. Safe. Authentic.

It’s all about ingredients! We proudly list out every ingredient used in our products to help our customers make wilful, informed choices. Our products have always, and will always, contain nothing but natural ingredients — that’s a promise.  Just like a mother’s home-cooked food, you’ll find the purest love and affection in them too.

Most commercial brands often lure & mislead consumers with their highly enticing vocabulary — organic, green, natural & so on, to grab their instant attention & keep them engaged for long. At Somayur, no false claim is something we strongly believe in & proudly talk about to our customers, family & friends, because they deserve nothing less.

There is nothing artificial or synthetic, nor any chemicals, just wholesome natural ingredients you can trust. Yet, we strongly advise our customers to always take a deeper look at the product labels for ingredients. The more you read, the better you become to make independent, informed choices.

Our Belief & Legacy

At the heart of Somayur, resides our philosophy “Simplicity of Nature”. It reflects in every iconic recipe that we create. We believe every being on our planet is beautiful as we’re all God’s own creation. Everything we need for a healthy mind, body, and soul is available from nature’s lap. We only need to nurture our body by keeping it healthy both internally and externally.

The right personal care is the most basic luxury! A luxury we feel should come without any compromises. At Somayur, by handpicking the finest natural ingredients, we bring the right mix of goodness & nourishment to your skin and help you embrace the miraculous properties of our ingredients. 

With a commitment to craft the perfect skincare range, Somayur strives to be a luxury brand whose belief translates into its masterpieces. A brand that’s not afraid to go against the flow — one that’s as remarkable as their products!

Meet Our Founders

Lockdown — where the world had come to a standstill; we envisioned a new ray of hope, a new beginning. Somayur was co-founded by Pallavi Chauhan and Bhavesh Chauhan in the economic hub of India, Mumbai, with a goal to provide effective personal care products formulated with the purest and most nutrient-rich ingredients nature has to offer. Both Bhavesh & Pallavi have worked extensively on the formulations and manufacturing techniques, enabling them to launch a unique product line that simplified personal care like never before!

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