Slide 1 Best of Ayurveda for a A holistic range of personal care products crafted with purity & love to nourish, cleanse, heal & protect your body and skin. DISCOVER MORE Beautiful You! Handmade with Love Just We are one of the only beauty brands in India that offer a diverse collection of 30+ varieties of natural handmade soaps. DISCOVER MORE For You!

A Splendid Journey Of Rejuvenation

At Somayur, we engage in creating extravagant personal care products that deeply rejuvenate your body & skin, radiating an everlasting glow. Let us take you through a journey of transformation and healing to make you instantly fall in love with the one person you admire most — you! True natural beauty can only be obtained by avoiding the use of any sort of chemicals, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients; hence, we ensure you receive the purest love and care you deserve. Preserving the miraculous beauty of nature is a principle we integrate at the very core of our company values. The end result is a healthy, refreshing range of authentic beauty care products that are formulated, handcrafted, and delivered to you with unfathomable love and affection.

Let Your Inner Beauty Blossom

Let’s face the truth — we’re all different; our complexions, cultures, ethnicities, genders, and more. There’s vitality and power in these differences. But something important unites us all despite the differences — from a baby’s smooth, plump cheek to the crisscrossing wrinkles born from a lifetime of laughter, we’ll always & forever be in the skin we’re in. At Somayur, we pledge to nurture and protect this precious & sensitive organ.  Our creed is to tirelessly obsess over it and bear witness to its magical transformation by offering the most unrealistic therapeutic care it truly deserves.

Handcrafted With Love

100% Natural & Organic

For All Skin Types

Made In

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Honest & Transparent

Enlighten Your Beauty

Simplicity Of Nature

Our philosophy is pretty simple: We strongly believe in Natural — It’s the only way to keep your body & skin safe and flawless.  We cherish and champion our nourishing ingredients, using them in their purest form to ensure you relish the true essence of efficacy & authenticity! Our products are made with lots of love and care and have NO parabens, sulfates, or any other harsh ingredients. At Somayur, we bring you a personal care experience that is blissful, healthy, and chemical-free. Our aim is to deliver you with an extensive product range that is formulated to be safe, trustable, and well foreseen to understand the need of modern-day folks. We firmly believe in leaving things better than when we found them. That applies to mother earth, the people whose lives we touch, and yes — even your self-confidence!

Lasting Formulas

Most of our proprietary formulas are derived from home remedies that have been passed down from a long lineage of generations. Our products are non-toxic, paraben free & use no other harmful ingredients.


We follow a cruelty-free production process. We love animals just as much as delivering the right care for you. We are strictly against animal testing and do not involve animals in any way to test our products.

Authentic & Traditional

The essence of our rich ayurvedic knowledge and heritage can be witnessed in every element of our products. We source some of the rarest ingredients from different parts of the country.

Words Of Beauty